Undergraduate Blog / Defining Your Babson

Every Experience is meaningful!

My experience as a residence assistant at Babson has taught me to listen and be more aware about my surrounding. I have seen these skills transfer into my daily life and my internship as well. It has been easy for me to adapt to the culture because I learned to listen and observe. I did not come imposing my own culture or ways of doing things, instead, I was patient and adapted to the environment first. This made my integration into the company very easy. Listening also made my learning easy and saved me so much time. Sometimes one thinks they know much about something but there is always new ways to use the same tool and the effects of unlearning and relearning the same thing could surprise you. For instance, I used Excel very much throughout my internship; and despite that I have been using excel multiple times in the past, my supervisor still managed me to show me a few tricks to make my job easier. I am grateful for the meaningful experiences that turn into skills that I can transfer in different areas of my life. Do not forget to keep those skills very dearly as you never know when you might need them in the future.