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Because of the customer’s personality, using different prescriptions, the right medicine. People’s personality is not divided into mature type, blind type, chattering, Feng Shui type, and heterogeneous type. For example, the focus of a mature customer introduction should be placed on the company’s brand and product selling point, while the focus of receiving blind-type customers is completely different. You should make good use of the atmosphere of the case, if the customer visits the case just right. Leng Qing is a customer of him, and other colleagues in the case must do a good job together to create a best-selling atmosphere.

In fact, I feel that the so-called communication skills or the desire to improve, so that customer satisfaction, the most critical is to distinguish the type of customer, and then targeted to grasp the customer’s psychology.

Be confident in the process of communication. This is the most important thing. What’s more important is to give customers a sense of satisfaction. When selling, it is necessary to combine the tangible product and the extension product, and let the buyer accept it, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion, the tangible product refers to the characteristics, style and quality of the products purchased in the real estate industry. Extended products are a variety of services that are attached to tangible products. Such as: property management, guaranteeing the provision of public facilities, etc., as well as the environment for buying houses here, the appreciation potential is irreplaceable in other places.