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The business side of fashion

I have always dreamed of working in the business side of fashion. This summer I had the privilege of interning at a lingerie company in digital marketing and brand management. With industry giants such as Victoria’s Secret and Calvin Klein perpetuating an unrealistic image of ideal body type, many consumers have been left feeling excluded and shamed away from the lingerie buying experience. With body-positivity trending across social media platforms, a size-inclusive niche market has opened up in the past decade; independent brands, not unlike the company I work for, are continuously breaking into and disrupting the lingerie industry.

Innovation and technology have made lingerie comfortable and accessible for all body shapes and sizes. Such intimates are directed towards premium and luxury markets, but consumers get what they pay for: high quality merchandise that makes them look and feel good. These novice brands are generally well-received, due to their empowering promotion of mind and body confidence, and self-love. They also cater to younger generations by adopting e-commerce models, and even launch subscription services to meet the needs of the 21st-century shopper.

Fashion start-ups are most entrepreneurial because they were created to fulfill an unmet need in the lingerie market. While the fashion industry itself is driven by creativity and design, I think it is exciting that more jobs are being created as the business side of fashion expands.