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Increase Self-confidence at Work

I am a 20-year old rising sophomore at Babson College, and by far the youngest person at work. People tend to ask me how I got an internship at a well-known enterprise such as Koga, given my early age. People’s overreaction to my age made me feel that I was not qualified for the job and that I was in the wrong place.

It took me a lot of courage and auto-empowerment to realize that my age was not an impediment for exceeding at work and that I am certainly qualified for the position. If you would like to gain more confidence in your abilities at work, I would recommend following these two steps:

First, remember that the enterprise hired you for a reason: they believe you are qualified for the position. Just think about it: who would hire someone who is believed to fail at their job? Almost no one. If you get a job position is because the enterprise believes that you have what it takes to excel at work, and you most likely do. You only have to work hard and your skills/abilities will show off even without you noticing it.  

Nevertheless, I have also been in a situation where I cannot work as hard as I would like to because I am afraid of making mistakes and disappointing others. This situation takes us to the second step: Make as many questions as you can to other co-workers!

It is completely normal to feel lost in a new job position and to be afraid of making mistakes. However, the best thing to do is to ask as many questions as you can so that you can understand how things work. It is better to ask questions and gain a broader understanding of your job than to remain in silence and work under others’ detailed directions. It is essential to acquire a broader understanding of your job because it will help you understand what you have to do and with time, you will need minimum guidance of your co-workers to get things done.

What would make you feel more confident of yourself than knowing that the enterprise hired you because you are the best for the position and that you are an independent employee?