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Continuing an internship beyond summer

I completed my first internship this summer. I was grateful to have received and accepted an internship offer. I was absolutely elated when my boss offered me a part-time position with the company during the academic year. While my work-ethic has proven to be a valuable asset to the company, there were other key factors that led to my job offer.

First, I aligned well with the company values and culture. I remember on the first day of my internship, my boss – the founder and CEO – said that I needed to be willing to accept any company challenge that she faced as my own. From the start, we worked collaboratively to problem-solve most effectively and efficiently. I have always worked well and prefer to work in a team, which is why the company is a great fit for me.

Second, my boss and I were able to form a strong relationship. While she is first and foremost my boss, she is also a mentor, friend, and confidant who has helped me grow professionally and personally. My boss recognizes that I am a diligent and dedicated employee; furthermore, she genuinely wants me to discover my full potential because she believes I am on a trajectory to having a successful and fulfilling career in the fashion industry.

While it is important to possess the basic technical ability and knowledge required to fill a position, I learned that securing a job offer is also dependent on interpersonal skills and encourage future interns to seek both work and life experience throughout their internships.