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West coast work culture.

I had my first culture shock when I came to Boston from Pakistan and it took me some time to settle in. So I thought that was it, and now I totally understand the American culture.
Then, I came to San Francisco really excited to start my internship. A day before my internship began, I pressed my suit and made everything ready for my first day of work. The next day I get dressed and ready for work as I reach the office I see everyone dressed very casually whereas I was wearing a full suit. This simple thing gave me another cultural shock and made me realize how different the working culture is on both coasts. As days past by I started noticing more differences, I noticed here people value a work-life balance a little more. The west coast also doesn’t give a very corporate vibe compared to the east coast. I also feel here innovation and creativity are more accepted. The working environment is very relaxed and the employees even have the option to work from home. Also, the weather on the west coast is much better than the east coast which makes a big difference to me. For me, all these are ideal working conditions which makes me more motivated and productive. So I think before anyone picks an internship they should look at the working environment of the place and see if they are a good fit as it makes a big difference to your overall internship experience.