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Think Global!!

To get the most out of your internship you need to set goals and challenge yourself. For my internship, I challenged myself by not doing the traditional intern work. Instead, I awakened my entrepreneurial spirit and picked up a new project and thought of ways how I can connect Icon to my home country Pakistan. Icon has a software called Broof which uses blockchain to certify. So I got creative and thought how can I implement it in Pakistan and solve a problem there.
Thinking globally has many benefits for every business. It gives a new revenue potential as you get access to a new market. You get the ability to help more people, the solution your business offers somehow has the potential to help the customers and improve their lives. When you work with another country you also get to learn a new culture which makes your own organization better-rounded, it also gives you a new perspective on many things. It also improves your company’s reputation. Thinking globally is also really important for one’s personal growth as you get different perspectives about things. A global mindset is a professional trait, professionals with this trait leverage all that they know about their culture and the cultures of other people to react to situations in the most productive ways.