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Internship Preparation

Before my internship began I did not have a lot of knowledge about blockchain and understanding it was much harder for me given a non-technological background. But to make the most out of my internship I did some preparations. I did a lot of research about the blockchain industry and familiarized myself with a lot of technical stuff. Also, I kept myself updated with whatever is happening in the industry so my transition is easy. But of course, there will be some stuff that you don’t understand. I did a lot of research but couldn’t understand some stuff so I went to my first day with lots of questions. Coming up with questions doesn’t only help you personally grow but also shows your employer that you are curious which builds a good first impression. Also, make sure you contact your supervisor beforehand to know what stuff you have to bring and understand more about the company culture. Contacting your supervisor beforehand helps with not causing any unnecessary delays in your registration process. Make sure you are aware of the commute before the first day of work so you can reach work on time and you’re less stressed about it.