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Good and bad customers

I am talking to customers from all over China of different ages and backgrounds every day. It was not always a pleasant experience. I have met customers that are very easy to communicate. They understand your role and trust you. One customer said I am her first friend in the US. She told me that she cooks very good chinese dishes and would like to invite me to her apartments. That actually made my day because I felt recognized and respected. However, most cases, customers are “rude”. People may think they payed you so you should serve them in every way at any time. For example, last week, a customer texted me at 3 am when I was sleeping. As a result, I did not reply him in time. That made the customer very mad and talked very rudely to me. Yes, you will meet very different people every day. You can not choose. For me, I think the right way to face them is to talk professionally and calmly and behave responsibly and fairly.