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3 valuable tips

Now that my internship is almost over I will share 3 valuable tips for future interns.
1. Learn new skills:
Get out of your comfort zone and try to learn new skills don’t be afraid to accept tasks that you don’t know how to do, this will be the best opportunity for you to learn a new skill. Think of skills that can help you in your career and try to learn them from your co-workers.
2. Punctuality:
Whether it is getting work done on time or getting to work early in the morning, punctuality is important. Improve your time management. It is really important for personal growth and also shows your manager that you are a responsible and professional individual.
3. Network:
Networking is very important for your internship experience, your internship period is a great time to grow your professional network. Make sure you hang out with your co-workers during lunch breaks, appreciate their work and help, also try to go to networking events in your area. At last when you are finishing your internship make sure you connect with everyone on LinkedIn