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What I learned from the internship

After 4 weeks of training, I found that my progress was quite fast. Even the sales positions I had never touched before, I also had a deeper understanding of the sales line. I still communicated with customers through the phone this week. A lot of progress, coupled with the encouragement of managers and colleagues, I tried to cope with it, and it was much better. No longer will be in a strange situation. Today, in the face of experience, my customers who are richer than my rich experience can also familiarize us with our products through a concise and clear expression, so that they can have a stronger interest in our products. Because there is no experience, then more preparation is needed. The other is not to be afraid of failure, just do it with your heart. When you are proficient, success will be a matter of course. For example, my first interview with the customer, although I did not do well enough, or can say that it failed, but through this attempt, I have benefited a lot, and I have played a role in the success of several missions after me. Great promotion. I have also tested my own level and adaptability through continuous experience and experimentation.
Only through continuous efforts, constant trials, and continuous accumulation of experience, can we find our own shortcomings, and then when we make up for the shortcomings, we actually improve ourselves. So, no matter what, try to do it, tell yourself that you can do better with your heart!