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How to be a good sales person

I have been in contact with some businesses in recent weeks. The company also knows that I am a very new newcomer to sales, so I started to let me communicate with customers through the phone and WeChat.
From now on, you need to talk to the customer, to be able to understand the customer’s intentions, and to accurately convey the company and the company’s product-related information to the customer. This requires me to be quite familiar with some of the company’s own business processes and product features. So every day I go to work, I will go earlier than my colleagues. I have prepared some information to be checked at any time. Of course, if this information can be put in my mind, it would be better, so I will watch it several times as soon as I have time. Slowly remembered in the chest. The work is still going smoothly. My problem is that it is easy to mess with a lot of calls. Fortunately, some colleagues are working together, and more often they help me. Sometimes I help them. Helping each other also makes the problem easier to solve.