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End of Intern

Is Internship necessary for students? My answer for that would be certainly yes after my two months work. An internship is about applying the theoretical knowledge that we have learned in school to the objective reality. It also proves the practicality of knowledge and ensures the field of interest.

Some underestimate the meaning behind the internship. It not only verifies your field of interest, but it also allows you to expand our social circle. Besides, if we only learn and not practice, then what we learn is equal to zero. On the other hand, the internship experience can lay the foundation for finding work later. Through this internship during this time, I learned something I couldn’t learn at school. Because of the different environments, people who come into contact with things are different, and what I learn from them is naturally different. Learn to gain from practice and intern experience. Moreover, China’s rapid development has become more and more challenging as it has more and more opportunities. The requirements for talents will become higher and higher. Knowledge from school will no longer satisfy the hard skills that society requires. We should constantly arm ourselves from all aspects to stand out in the competition.

I have benefited a lot from the two-month work process. Not only has it broadened my horizons, but the most important thing is to deepen my understanding in the marketing field.