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Three Tips to Have a Better Summer Internship

So far I still have three more weeks before my internship ends. However, after the five-week experience, I would like to share what I have learned from this internship so far.

First, before you accept the offer, make sure that you know about the responsibilities and the department you are going to join. Set a reasonable expectation about your work. Since we are just college students and entry-level interns, there are only limited things that we can do due to our little understanding of the company and our capabilities.

Second, communication, communication, and communication! Talk with your supervisor, colleagues, and other interns about ANYTHING you can think of and try to be friends. The topics range from specific projects to the company’s vision, from how you feel to what you learn. Use all the resources you can to know everyone. They are all amazing people with a lot of working experiences in this industry. More importantly, they are willing to help you as they were in your shoes before.

Third, do your work and try to be innovative. Though the work you may encounter will not be super sophisticated, try to do as best as you can and if you do so you will learn a lot. Your efforts will be seen and more complex projects will be delegated as a “dessert” for you to try later. The most obvious but most important is to make sure you work. What I mean work is not only to work as required but also to work exceeding average efficiency and quality. No company would like to hire an average employee. All try to hire the outstanding candidates.