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How I adjust to the internship?

This summer I started to work as a Financial Research Data Analyst at PrivCo, LLC. PrivCo gives employees a lot of flexibility. There is no fixed lunchtime or off-shift time. Employees can choose their own working schedules as long as they complete their work on time. Therefore, I did not feel many changes happening around. Colleagues are also easily approachable and are willing to answer your questions. One thing to note is the emphasis on high working efficiency. As soon as my supervisor delegates work to interns, he would set a deadline for each project. According to the deadlines, I would reconsider my own workflow and prioritize the project that would due soon. I think Babson has already trained and prepared students to work as an employee in a real workplace. Therefore, I spent little efforts adjusting myself into my role.

The only adjustment is that I need to push myself to ask a lot of questions to understand the project and complete as required. In the beginning, I would start each work very quickly but did not fully meet all the requirements. Therefore, the quality of the work was not quite satisfactory. But later, I began to realize the importance of understanding the requirements and goals of each project, which helps me judge whether my methods would be applicable. My supervisor is super busy and cannot fully explain the project as professors would do. Therefore, as long as I feel a little confused, I would start to google, then ask other interns, and if still confused, go to my supervisor. He is always willing to clarify the requirements.