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Key Takeaways From This Summer

My internship has come to an end, and there are definitely many valuable lessons along the way.

I got to utilize my skills in Google Analytics, tableau and other analytic platforms in a real business world. A new platform that I got to explore is Datorama, which is similar to Tableau that works as a data visualization and report tool. Besides analytic tools, there are also AdServers which track display campaigns. It is very helpful to understand what kind of data goes to which analytic platform. Another task I did very often for my internship is cleaning messy unstructured data. Some of our survey responses come in very messy, and one needs to categorize them to analyze later.

Besides technical skills, I have also improved my soft skills. Since all interns have an intern project, I got to work in a team setting where the team can work with one client from the start to finish. Outside of the intern program, daily communication with managers, across team and with other clients allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and communicate in a more professional way. Even though my role is a data analytic intern, communication is still key in every job. I believe this is something I need to work on in the future as well!