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Reflecting on my summer experience

My summer at Saucey was definitely one of my most memorable summers as I spent two months in a completely new city all by myself! Living independently and having to take responsibility for cooking food, reaching office on time, completing all my work and doing all the daily chores and several other things, I definitely experienced the daily work-life routine.

The most important part of this summer was having a good internship experience in terms of being more career-ready, learning new things and building strong connections. As a data intern, I closely observed what responsibilities a data analyst has and the tasks he/she performs. This gave me a better outlook on whether I wanted to pursue this further. Moreover, I performed some of the typical duties a data analyst performs which included compiling dashboards of weekly performances of the company for instance. Through this, I was definitely more aware of what I wanted to pursue further! In addition, after spending close to two months in a company, I learned several new things. Apart from learning about data analytics and different software, I was able to learn much more. For instance, how a company works in terms of communication and teams etc. An important part of any professional experience is to build connections, and just like any internship, I made sure to make several connections with people in the company. I was able to do this by working on different projects that often included people from different teams. Building connections is important as I have learned the importance of networking!

Outside of my internship, there were many things that I achieved. Living in LA was a completely new experience for me, and there were so many areas to explore. I made sure to travel to different places near LA and to explore California to the fullest! Moreover, I tried different kinds of food that I had never tried before. In LA I took up running as a hobby and made sure to go out on runs at least three times a week. Apart from this, I was extremely proud of how I managed to cook meals at home and take cooked food to the office for lunch. Through this, I was able to learn how to cook and was able to eat much healthier food too. Interning over a summer gave me a good understanding of how the work-life in the United States is like!

After reflecting on my internship and my summer as a whole, the question that arises is what is my plan for the next year. Over the course of the next two semesters at Babson, I hope to complete courses in data analytics and finance, which are the two fields I aim to concentrate in. Further, I aim at keeping in touch with people at Saucey in order to take advantage of any future opportunities. Lastly, I hope to grow professionally and get accepted for internship opportunities for next summer in a company that could use a mix of data analytics and finance!