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Farewell: 4 Lessons from my Internship

An internship is the first formal contact with the professional world for many students and a moment of transition between college and the “real” world—in which a badly positioned comma alters everything in an income statement. In this phase, it is essential for the college student to live it fully and openly, enjoying every moment and learning every lesson possible.

After a whole summer of internship in marketing and education, I wanted to share here a few of the most valuable lessons I have learned.

  1. Everyone can contribute with new ideas

Many students may have the idea that being hired as an intern will only be there to take on assignments and get them done in some way. Of course, there are some clear procedures for performing some processes, but it is important for the student to make their contributions. The look of an outsider who is not used to that environment may be what the company needed to make progress in some respect.

  • Feedbacks are necessary

It is from criticism that the trainee can further leverage his growth and learning and, even more, get out of his comfort zone and produce more and better.

  • Not all people are willing to change

However, some people may not take your feedback as useful and still keep on doing the same things. My team had an issue of a colleague that used to overexplain things to the ones responsible for the area, and even disrespect authority—for example, he tried to teach marketing to the head of marketing.

We had the initiative of giving him feedback and were willing to help him improve, but each day that passed he seemed to ignore our advice and got worse. And it happens.

  • And that’s why it’s important to deal with people

In a work environment – and not just in it – it is also relevant to know how to deal with people. Even if you don’t work on a great team, no one is an isolated piece. In addition to acquiring the long-sought hands-on experience, it is important that the trainee knows how to deal with people. Having a good relationship with your fellow workers, even those with whom we do not work directly, and allowing work to flow more smoothly, can open doors and make a good impression.

In the end, it is time for discoveries. The importance of it all is to enjoy your time, learn, and contribute the most you can, and prepare yourself to be a more mature professional.