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The End of the Beginning

It is quite remarkable to think that at the beginning of the summer I can say with full honesty that I had really no experience in my desired field (other than working in project groups for class-related assignments) nor had I had any idea of what to expect from the nearly ten week endeavor into the world of marketing in a regionally and well-known company. Upon my initial welcome to William Raveis, I was almost certain that I would fall in love with the internship. My supervisor, Lauren, generously walked my through a day-in-the-life of a real estate agent, as well as marketing director. It was neat, to say the least, that there was no procedure that I had to follow, but, rather, that I could see everything ‘raw’. In other words, Lauren, I could tell, would provide me with a true and honest look at what happens on a daily basis.

Each day was filled with a new task at hand. For instance, I was able to attend morning meetings discussing the Southbury location’s agenda, hear from speakers whom were brought in to touch on the changes in social media, sit-in on the acquisition of new team members, meet the CEO himself, Bill Raveis, as well as the VP of Career Development. Additionally, Lauren introduced me to William Raveis’ internal software, which is where newspaper advertisements, agent branding, and website building are all handled.

After shadowing for the first week or two, I was given partial-ownership to the social media accounts, where I would be responsible for posting new listings, open houses, upcoming events, and agent testimonials. I was also able to provide assistance to any agents needing help with their own work accounts, too.

This internship, in short, has truly opened my eyes to the array of jobs and responsibilities that marketing can be applied to. It is such a vast field that includes an enormous variety of skills and knowledge. For me, I believe I am now more well equipped with the skills and tools which may be used in the field. No longer am I a novice, but, rather, a student eager to take what I’ve learned into my future job.