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Achieving My Goals Through an Internship

Courtesy of Yad

It has always been my mission to work for the greater good of my country, Guatemala. However, when I decided to stay in the United States for the summer, I couldn’t see how I would achieve my goals while being so far away from home. Despite this, I succeeded.

I interned for Yad, a Guatemalan business, and assisted in its implementation in the United States. Yad manufactures products that display the artwork of our selected artists. Yad works with talented people with intellectual disabilities to create all artwork that is used in our products. Through the operation of the business, we guarantee opportunities for our artists. These include art therapy, free facilities for the artists, and a source of income. Because of disparities of resources and privilege in Guatemala, most of our artist wouldn’t have access to a space of creativity or a form of income without our support. By working with Yad, they are rewarded for their hard work and help us in our mission to raise awareness in our community.

Although much of my work was behind-the-scenes, I understand the value of my input and I am grateful to have been able to continue acting towards my mission throughout the summer.

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