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What I Learned from My Supervisors

One thing that I learned from my supervisor is to be in a situation where you can leave any minute and always have a backup plan. The work environment is unpredictable in many ways, especially if you’re working in a big company. You may be laid off at any time it is convenient for the company or when economic turmoil is happening and they need to cut cost.

When it comes to finding a backup plan or finding job alternatives, the key is to network, particularly with your fellow alumni as they are more likely to respond to you. You might be thinking, but I don’t know these people and what if they don’t respond? That is all fine, they may be busy, but there are a lot more alumni for you to contact out there. I would suggest to connect with as many alumni as possible on LinkedIn. By the off chance that a small percentage of them respond, you can ask them regarding their experience and ask for advice. You never know that perhaps they may be in the middle of recruiting season and might refer you to the hiring manager.