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Start-Ups and Their Reliance on Social Media

The company I am working at this summer is not unique in that we rely on social media technology in order to get as much brand awareness as possible. Since we are growing at an extremely fast rate, we especially need to make sure to build a loyal customer base. One way we do that is through meaningful interaction on social media and maintaining a consistent brand voice on all of our social platforms. Without keeping up on the constant changes in the different algorithms for each platform, we would not be able to successfully keep in contact with our target market. Everyday I have to read articles about Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc to learn different strategies and tips that I can then apply to the company’s social media accounts. Whether we are hosting a giveaway or collaborating with an Instagram Influencer, I am constantly posting and engaging other people on these accounts so that we are able to reach as many people as we can. It is also not just the amount of likes and comments we get, we see direct results by using technology to see how many customers go from our social media accounts to our website and buy our product. This shows that this relatively new technology is crucial to success, especially for start-ups.