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Motivated Organization

          In your four years of high school and through the first year of college, organization is relatively easy. Not many events to keep track of, not a lot of emails to sift through and a short list of documents to keep track of. Moving now into my third year of college and having worked multiple jobs, it quickly became overwhelming with the number of items to keep track of. It got to the point where I could not just rely on remembering when and where everything was.

          I challenged myself to build a system that I thought would allow me to be as efficient as possible with tracking dates, documents, and emails. There are three tools that I accredit to my ability to always keep track of everything. Dropbox, Google Keep, and Google Calendar. My ability to leverage these resources enabled keeping track of 50+ items seem relatively easy. Most are familiar with Dropbox for documents and Google Calendar for events, but it is Google Keep that has allowed me to improve my efficiency.

          Google Keep is a virtual post-it note system that is open to a world of different uses. For me, I create a new post-it each day and create a checklist of things I want to accomplish. This not only allows me to set goals of what I want to achieve every day but gives the satisfaction of “checking off” each item as I complete it. It is a motivating tactic to keep track of what I need to accomplish, and a tool to push myself to go above and beyond to squeeze the most productivity out each day.

           Every day is a chance to better yourself and having a tool to track your progress can have a strong effect on your life.