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The Role of Analytics in a Creative Agency

Business analytics becomes more and more popular among college concentrations. Analytic skills and the ability to work with large amount of data open doors to many roles and industries. However, for the marketing agency I worked with this summer, the analytics team is still relatively new.

As the analytic intern, my main responsibilities include tracking campaign performances based on certain KPIs and create reports for other teams and also clients using various platforms. Many analytic tasks are repetitive and very detail-oriented, but the insights that one can gain from these data is what’s valuable to clients and projects.

However, to explain the whole process of exporting, compiling, analyzing data and extracting insights to the client or people on the creative team can be frustrating and time-consuming. One problem that I faced is that the creative people often want specific KPI or insights that complete their assumptions or support their specific creative strategies. Besides that, I found the role of analytics in a creative agency a little vague because of the constantly updated data and the amount of time or population needed for certain creatives to be insightful. I kept wondering to what dimension can analytics help the agency in a project or how to improve the analytic work to align better with other functional teams and the client. Please comment or message me your thoughts if you are facing a similar problem or situation.