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Taking a Chance With a Small Start Up

After interning at a huge insurance company in my hometown I knew that the corporate world was not for me. That’s the main reason why I applied for my internship with a start-up. However, there were some key details about the place I applied to that made it the perfect opportunity for me. I found out that this particular start-up only had five employees and it was in a growth stage. I saw this as the perfect opportunity because I would not just be the intern grabbing donuts and coffee, I would be doing my own projects and doing a little bit of everything because in this type of situation it means all hands on deck. It also meant that I would be working directly with the CEO. I knew that was a learning experience that I couldn’t get anywhere else. I would be running the business’s entire image on social media and I would be in direct contact with all potential customers. That is why I picked this internship, I picked a place that would give me plenty of autonomy to test my skills, but also paired me with an amazing mentor in the form of my CEO so that I could learn along the way.