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New City, New Job

I knew by the end of freshman year that I wanted to work at a start-up. The problem was, I am from a small town and there is not a lot of opportunity there to intern at a start-up. That’s why when I started looking for an internship this summer, I found my sights set on San Francisco, the capital of start-ups. I applied on AngelList to start-ups in the SF area for months as I knew that site was a hub for start-ups looking for interns. I had no connections and I did not know anyone already in San Francisco that could help me. I was on my own and that was a little unnerving. I had to do a lot of research on each place I applied, making sure it was a legit business and making sure it was in a decent location, which means I also had to research San Francisco as a whole. I learned that being unfamiliar with where I was going meant that a lot more than just an interview went into this process. I not only had to make sure I was qualified for these jobs, I had to make sure a lot of other aspects worked out—without ever stepping foot in San Francisco before my first week of work.