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A reflection on this Summer as it comes to an end..

I cannot believe that July is quickly ending and the summer will soon slip away as school begins. It feels like just last week was the first week of my internship but instead eight weeks have flown by and as I reflect, I can see that I have grown as an individual in the process.

In one of my first blogs written, As I grow this Summer, My goals are…, I set goals for this summer and while there are two more weeks remaining, I’ve seen the progress in myself from day one to now. The first goal I had set for myself was learning as much as I can about finance. Through my internship, I have definitely learned a bit about finance from bonds to certain financial laws. I initially assumed I would mainly be learning through numbers but soon realized that reading documents and educating myself through dialogue with my supervisor and coworker taught me more than looking at numbers on a spreadsheet. A unique and welcoming surprise was learning more about the government through the exposure to City Hall and meeting other Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) and City Hall employees. In a previous blog I spoke about all the ways that Babson College has prepared me for my internship and all that I can offer. One of the most helpful skills that I, in turn, have learned from my internship, that will be of use in whatever I do, is learning how to write a business memo. It is something I had never done till this point. I came into my internship prepared to learn more about finance, but as it comes to the end of the internship – I have learned far more.

In my goal setting blog, I also set a goal of growing more independent in certain areas such as transportation and food which I have definitely achieved in the past eight weeks. I have also become more familiar of certain street and neighborhood names in Boston. I felt a moment of pride this past week when I was meeting a friend for dinner and I could think of alternative routes to the google map route. That same week I walked a bit around Wellesley and I was in awe of the town as I realized I have not really ventured outside of the Babson area. In the remaining weeks I am eager to continue to see parts of what Wellesley offers. As for the food side, it seems as though meal prepping and planning has become normal and not something to plan out and fret over as much as I had at the beginning of summer.

I am proud to say I have accomplished my goals and that goal setting does work. I have loved my internship where I have been able to contribute and learn. I’ve enjoyed growing as a person. This summer has gone by fast but I am happy with it.