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Working at a Boutique Company vs Corporate Company –advantages and disadvantages

This summer I decided to do two different internships, the first one was at a small investment bank that only deals with mergers and acquisitions and the second one was at globally known audit company. Working at a small office gives you chance to meet with executive members of the company and to reach their network, but in a larger company it is really hard to meet with executives unless you internship is quite long. A small office might make you feel more accomplished because they use your work in real presentations, and you’re able to be involved in the business process, on the other hand in a large office you create the very first draft then others add on to your draft, and you probably wouldn’t see what goes to the customer. Even though small office sound better the biggest disadvantage is the salary because they are less likely to pay for an intern, and if you do not receive Babson Intern Sponsorship Award then you might end up spending money to do an internship. I personally think people should experience both offices to decide what kind of a work environment they would like to work in the future. We are lucky to have CCD support students working at smaller companies because otherwise most of us would miss the experience. Large office may come with more benefits, but personally I would advise someone to work at a smaller company first so that you are able to learn the job firsthand and ask questions.