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Picking the right internship for you: What is your end goal?

After numerous interviews, we encounter that stage when you receive a number of internship offers and you have to decide which one to accept. When considering which internship to take, you should always look at yourself and think about what is your end goal for taking this internship? Is it for the learning experience, the money, because you want a full-time offer under a certain company or something else? Based on that, you need to rank which of these factors are the most important for you. In my case, I felt like learning experience is what I need the most because I wanted a new perspective. Knowing that I’ll be using a variety of financial tools that I can potentially implement in my business seems to be very beneficial for me, so I was willing to take the internship despite being an unpaid intern. It may sound scary to choose an unpaid internship, but if the learning experience is worth it, you’ll be able to boost your resume and get an even better internship in the next recruitment season.