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Tips for Internship Search

Searching for an internship can be stressful. Many times it may feel as though you are stuck and going nowhere. These are some tips I found helpful during my internship search.

  1. Find a firm that believes in the same things you do. Make sure that you are researching what the company stands for. When you find one that has the same values you believe in, apply for it. While interviewing, recruiters will be able to differentiate between someone who fits and someone who does not.
  2. Start Early. Depending on what industry you are trying to join, each of them has different deadlines. Make sure you keep track of these in an organized way and are aware of when you need to apply. This also gives you some cushion time, in case things don’t go as planned.
  3. Aim High. Many times the thought that “this company is too good for me” pops in our heads. Make sure you get rid of this as soon as it comes up. You will never know what a recruiter will see in you and call you for an interview.
  4. Be open to other fields. When you have a perfect internship in mind but you are not getting anywhere, maybe try and expand your horizons. Try interning in a new industry or a new department. After meeting many young professionals in my internship, I met many who discovered their passion this way. Do not be afraid to try new things even if it may seem like you may not be “good” at it. You do not know until you try.
  5. Use your network. About 70% of jobs are not posted for the public. This is why it is crucial to keep in contact with professionals you meet that interest you or use networking tools. A great tool that I use a lot is LinkedIn. There are plenty of alumni who want to help Babson students reach their full potential and all it takes is a message. CCD and professors are also great contacts to keep in touch with.