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Organization and Survival of the fittest

As a rising Junior, this summer I had the opportunity to experience my first internship within a corporate office. Since my first day of arrival, I have had to continuously adapt to ever changing circumstances an internship can bring. One of the biggest challenges that I had to overcome was time management. How I was allocating my time to the various assignments that were delegated to me. It is a tough thing to do at first because while interning, you don’t have somebody on your back the whole day, telling you what to do and how to do it. They expect that you know the basics, and if you don’t, then they expect you to learn them on your own. My first job was prioritizing my tasks that were delegated to me from most important to least important. Afterwards I would have to plan out my day and allocate an appropriate amount of time to each task to ensure I got them done efficiently and in good time. My independence wasn’t just in dealing with project deadlines or simple things I was assigned to do, time management spread so far as me checking my email every half hour, checking my calendar as well to be on time for meetings, and more. In essence, the independence of the internship really surprised me and made me realize that being in the real world is a lot more survival than anything else. I would advise other kids who are entering their first internship to be organized. Organization is huge within an internship, having your tools neat and ready to go whenever need be, organizing your day and planning appropriately is one of the best advice that I can give. I had several assignments I had to take care of for projects that lasted for weeks. Setting a schedule and writing down everything I needed to do saved my life. Throughout the first week I would forget to work on certain projects, then would scramble at the end of the week and rush to get them done. The day I made a schedule and continuously reminded myself of what I needed to do, I felt a lot better about myself and my work. There is plenty of time throughout an internship, so appropriately planning your day can make the difference for you actually getting your work done!