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Is There Happiness in Corporate America

One thing I have learned while interning is that working for somebody else, in an office for ten hours + a day is not fun. If I am allocating that much time out of my day, I want to be doing something that I love for that long. I realize that people spend their whole day working and when they get off, the only happiness that they have is the couple hours afterwards that they spend normally watching tv. While interning this summer, I have become aware that if I am not doing something that I love  throughout my day, or working towards my own business, then I will never be free. I will be just like every other american working a job that barely pays enough for them to live comfortably. Working for money does not equal happiness, but doing something that you love and working hard at it while also getting paid is what working should be about. Being free in America is being able to allocate your time in a manner that you want to, it is living life in a manner that makes you happy while also being able to have the basic necessities to live comfortably. People spend their lives in debt, then they work 24/7 to pay that debt, and find themselves in a never ending cycle. People are not fulfilling their goals by being suck in a system where they continuously work at jobs that have no real value to their lives. 

I got to reflect on this and be very thankful that I go to the top entrepreneurship college in the country. At Babson we are currently retaining the skills to become bosses instead of employees, and to have the option to live life free. Being a regular employee and doing what you are told to do has no real value. I thought on several occasions that in many cases, a lot of people could have replaced me and do what I have been assigned to do. I want my work to be meaningful, either within the company or to myself, hopefully both. I am an intern, and I understand that I can just step into a company and make huge impacts, but looking at the other employees do their day to day jobs gave me no satisfaction for humanity. Only top CEO’s and supervisors actually make the big decisions and enjoy their work as well as their life. For everyone else, their work and life seem to be a recurring event that brings them no real since of pride or satisfaction. I vow to never become a worker stuck in the system.