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Communication with Clients

During my internship, I started to interact with clients who are from different regions, having different careers, and using different ways to interact with others. Some of them are very indecisive and always question a lot; some of them doubt the reliability of our company and do not want to use our services. Thus, we need to learn how to communicate with different people and try to convince them trust our services.

I remember that my first client was looking for an apartment which is available to move in on 7/1, which was two weeks after he started to look for housing. Since there was processing time between submitting personal information, uploading financial documents, and waiting for approval from apartments, I suggested him to apply for the apartment as soon as possible. However, he was quite picky. He wanted me to look for as many apartments as possible, compared their prices, their locations, and their building time. He wasted five days to compare for the housings and kept asking me for more available apartments. Since typing is hard to communicate, I decided to voice call him, told him the urgent situation, and let him understand the application process in the U.S. When the clients are indecisive and it might be possible that the apartments will no longer be available, we need to push the clients to make the decision. Since most of the clients have never been to the U.S. previously, they do not understand the steps for applying for American apartments. At this time, we have to tell them and let them know that our company is trustful to provide a great service for them.

Communication with clients is important in getting a good reputation and obtaining more clients by references. We have to be patient to clients and treat different clients in different ways.