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5 Tips on How to Make the Most Out of your Internship (For Real)

Taking an internship is the rite of passage for all undergraduate students into the professional world. It’s the moment when we can supplement and put our studies into practice, learn new techniques, build our networks, and earn valuable insights from renowned professionals.

Having a good performance as a trainee can help you be successful, at least, to dispense with the professional welcome and your chances of getting a job placement. Thinking about it, I prepared this post with 5 tips to get the most out of the stage and stand out, based on my recent experience in a school of international education.

  1. Show interest

It is important to do a research on the company where you will carry out the internship before starting activities. Try to understand their operation, their main business and how they impact society.

I learned from the many diplomatic and intercontinental relations existing within the structure of my school beforehand, and it led me to become part of the team that conducted diplomatic meetings. Also, knowing about the different hierarchical model made my transition simpler than usual.

Ask questions about the other employees’ tasks to understand how they fit into the production process and how their performance can contribute to the results. This way, you can perform your activities with much more precision and demonstrate commitment.

2. Build your network beyond your boundaries.

During the internship, you will be in contact with professionals from various fields who not only have a lot to teach you but can also become good references for future opportunities in the job market. The most valuable may not be the ones in your field of interest, because if you have contacts that know you for skills other than theirs, it is more possible that you will be referenced.

Recently a friend of mine looked for me for a freelance graphic design job into the most respected consulting company in my state, in addition to the PR reference that led me into considering diplomacy as future career.

So always try to talk to these people. Ask what they do in the company and how their career went until they got there.

In addition to helping you build a positive image, maintaining a good relationship with your colleagues also improves your performance in the internship program, as these professionals will assist you in learning, clarifying questions and solving problems.

3. Organize your time on stage

Organization is the key to accomplishing your tasks with much more practicality and agility, allowing you to meet the deadlines set by your supervisor. It is important to still keep your desk, drawers and physical and digital files always neat and tidy, that is, your entire workplace always clean and organized. This helps to make a good impression.

4. Pay attention to everything

Look closely at your work environment. See how people behave, their roles, and what opportunities they may see. Also, be always ready for feedback on your performance, listening carefully to criticisms and compliments to improve your performance and increase your productivity.

5. Maintain a professional attitude

Although you as trainee are still a student and is in the learning phase, acting with professionalism is essential for him to take advantage of the internship and stand out in the company. It is hard to be always professional in a startup environment, but as long as you remember to separate professional from personal, your conflicts will come to a resolutions quicker than you imagine.