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How I Make My Work Days a Little More Enjoyable

Leaving your room and returning eight to ten hours later after you return from your corporate job is an adjustment many college students face in the summer. After a week or so I realized that I was making my life more difficult than it needed to. I began to do the following things in an effort to make my work days a little more enjoyable! It may sound simple, but small changes do add up!

The night before work, I find it helpful to set out my outfit (or outfits) for the say. This means I leave out my clothes for my day of work, but also my clothes that I plan to workout in or to meet up with friends later. This helps me from feeling rushed from trying to fit everything into one day. I also try to plan out my exercise! 

I also recently started meal prepping, and it proves to be very efficient. I only plan my meals out the night before. I make myself breakfast so in the morning I know exactly how long it will take me, and then I bring lunch to the office. I like bringing my lunch so I know that no matter how my day goes, I will not be hungry. I try to use leftovers and food previously purchased for my lunch, but if I have no other options, I mobile order Panera to be picked up in the morning! I also pack snacks that I love so I have something to look forward to!

I am not a morning person, but I like to wake up early when I know I have somewhere to bed. I wake up a little earlier than I need to so I am not rushed, and because I wake up early, I leave with extra time. I use the extra time to stop and get my favorite coffee, and then I get to work slightly early or right on time!

Final thing that makes me feel productive is to utilize my commute. I personally drive, so I can’t do a lot, but I can listen to my favorite podcasts! I also sometimes call my family or friends who I know are also commuting. I sometimes aimlessly listen to the radio, but usually I try to see if I can do something to make my morning or afternoon better!