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Advice Shared that Made Me Think…

I recently had the opportunity to have an informative interview with a coworker about their career journey. While I learned a lot about their journey in Finance and their career milestones till date, what stuck with me the most was the two pieces of advice shared.

The first piece of advice was that when making decisions, think about the future. As I reflected on this piece of advice in the following weeks since, I’ve realized how much preparation of the future can be done in our daily lives. I originally had first taught simply of applying for 2020 internships as a great way of preparing for the future. Now, I realize that there is so much more. Something we can all do is remember that because we are young does not mean that we cannot start making responsible and smart decisions in order to continually prepare ourselves for the individuals we want or wish to be when we think of our future. While staying in the present yet thinking of the future, I can utilize the Center of Career and Development more, especially this summer, by not only having my resume receive critique but also receiving cover letter tips and learning how to enhance my LinkedIn. Another step that I can take is to also have fun and spend some quality time with friends and family and exploring the City so that I not only take time for myself but create memories to look back at when in the future.

The second piece of advice I received was to find my passion and monetize it. The advice he gave me helped me define what my passion is. My passion is helping others and giving back to the community. I find joy in knowing that a part of whatever I am doing is helping someone other than just myself. I’ve found my passion and monetizing it to me means working for a company or creating a company that has a component of it also focused on valuing people. For me his advice means using my passion to fuel me in the work that I will do.

This is what I got from the advice given, maybe the advice might help you reflect in a different way!