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The Value of Social Media in any type of Business

Interning at a public relations firm has further showed me the value of social media. Having a presence online at social media is one thing, but to have an enjoyable and valuable presence is one thing.

Having up to date social media can set you apart from other companies. Social media is a place where many people go to gain knowledge on a company. Potential, current, and past clients can see what the company is up to, and what value they are trying to deliver. Current employees can be up to date on the companies goals and progress and feel included. Candidates for future positions will check out the social media too as they decide if they are a good fit for the company.

No matter what type of company it is, having a social media page can help people discover it. This summer at my internship, I helped create content for various companies to post. Companies should obviously post about any upcoming events or big news, but also the little things. I often went and took photographs for companies to use, or created lists of quotes that align with the company’s values. Fun facts are also useful, as are personal testimonies from workers and clients alike.

Coming up with content can be tough, especially for small companies that do a lot of the behind the scenes work! A little creativity can go a long way, and thinking outside the box is what your employer wants to see! Accounts need to be “active”, meaning they post consistently. This summer I have gained experiences using many different software that can help companies with their social media. There are many template programs, and programs that help you plan your social media posts.

More so than ever I value social media. I have always known it was important, but from my experience I realized how much value it can bring to the corporate world. I have been tasked daily at running social media for various companies, and it has taught me a lot about the positive outreach that it can bring for a business.