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The Importance of Location for Your Internship

It is really important to research before you apply for an internship and location is really important factor for you to pick your internship. Location is crucial for your internship, you might need to rent a new place in a different city/country, commute to work, and find places to eat. Location was a challenge for me because even though my internship provided money for lunch, the location of the office was in an expensive area filled with luxury restaurants. This leaves you with few options you can either spends all your money on food, or if you are on a budget and also trying to stay healthy you can bring your own food to office; buying groceries will be healthier and cheaper in the long run. One other reason why location is so important is transportation. Not everyone has their own car, so you should check the public transportation lines to the office. The office I worked in only had bus line passing nearby which meant I had to spend at least an hour at the traffic. If you are working in a metropolitan area, you should keep the rush hour traffic in mind. Overall most of the larger companies are located in easily accessed offices, but it is safe to do your research before you apply.