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Applying New Skills: From Life Experiences to Work

Every single person comes from a different background, lives different lives, and has different experiences. From these experiences, new skills learned and obtained can be applied to future jobs and internships. It is very likely that there are some takeaways and skills acquired from something that you did in the past. Trying to applying those skills to your future experiences will not only better prepare you for what’s to come, but it will also improve your experiences.

Here are some experiences that shaped who I am:

-FME Business Venture

During Freshman Year at Babson College, all students are placed into teams where they are responsible for creating and running their own business venture. In my company, I was the Chief Accounting Officer where I worked closely alongside the CFO throughout the duration of the business. One significant change we faced as a business was trying to mitigate any negative effects of a 3 week inventory delay. During this difficult period of time, I was able to develop key problem-solving skills. In the end, we ran a pre-order sale as well as made forecasting financial statements to ensure that we hit our goal at the end. This kind of quick thinking and problem solving has been demonstrated through my internship so far because when I face a problem with some data, I am able to dive deeper into the issue and try to fix it. I don’t look past it or become fustrated. Through my experiences in the student-led venutre, I am now able to see problems in multiple perspectives.

-Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity

Last semsester, I decided to rush the Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity. It was a long stressful process that kept me up at night and busy throughut the day. During the process, I went to many events and met tons of Babson students that I never talked to or never even seen around campus before. After meeting so many new people, I grew comfortable with engaging in conversations and interacting. From this experience, I would say my interpersonal skills improved. After meeting and talking to just about all 70 members of the fraternity, I don’t shy away from getting to know new people at my internship. I have gotten to know many interns who work with me as well as engaging in conversations with employees and the CEO. Rushing the fraternity caused my confidence to grow exponentially.

-Babson Swimming  

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to swim at Babson College. It is not only a rewarding experience, but one that challenges me mentally every day. Having to balance practices and a heavy courseload through the fall semester and into the spring semester is something not many students can physically or mentally accept. For me, it has taught me all about persistence. Swimming has taught me to break all the barriers I set for myself and to learn from my failures. I am able to apply this to my internship because I have been given many tedious projects. However, instead of complaining, I choose to complete the work to the best of my abilities and if I make a mistake, I learn from them. Swimming made me realize that things are not as bad as they seem. You just have to make it to the end to realize that.

Think about the skills you learned from your past experiences and see how you can apply them to future experiences.