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After these weeks of internships, I can sum up a few phrases, which are “see more, ask more, observe more, think more, and work more. I must carry forward the ability to think independently. When I encounter problems, I can strive to solve alone and consciously. This way, I can have a deeper understanding of the problem and will benefit a lot when it is addressed. On the other hand, I must carry forward teamwork, considering the company as a whole. A good team is the foundation of the company’s final performance. Everyone needs to communicate among the group, develops effective communication way, help each other, work together to achieve common goals, and unite the wisdom of everyone to achieve maximum effectiveness.

The internship is supposed to be a necessary stage in college life, and the kind of mentality we possess during the internship is essential. First, we have to face real social life, where the workload in different departments is intense, and the salary is low. Even though we do the same work or also work harder, as an intern, we are taking less wage, or none compare with regular employees. However, we should realize the purpose for us working is to immerse in society and must have a learning attitude. Creating value for the company while learn and apply the knowledge we learn from the classroom. Also, the world has always been like this. Labor and return are not necessarily equal and fair. Only by recognizing this point can we treat our internship with the correct attitude and be able to complete tasks voluntarily and responsibly. This is what I came into the company to understand. As an intern, I have to be clear about my duties. I cannot evaluate myself based on others. The mentality in an internship is critical. Learning is a potential investment, and it is a “must” process for everyone in any stage of life. We should cherish every opportunity we are given and strike for nothing but the best.