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A Day In The Life

When I first heard about internships, I always wondered what a day in the life of an intern would be like. Now taking on the role myself, I can confidently declare that every day is different and there is no typical day. Although I can’t give you an hourly breakdown of what every day looks like, feel free to see a bit of what may occur in a day below:

  • Meetings: This happens often! There are plenty of meetings to attend. For my media agency internship, these include weekly status meetings with the clients, pitches by vendors, and meeting with other interns for team projects.
  • Working with Excel: Yes. Walking around the office, you can see plenty of monitors populated by excel sheets. It’s an essential tool for the marketing/advertising world. As an intern, I’ve used excel to generate reports, breakdown campaigns, and digest data.
  • Trainings: Every week, my company offers a skillshare sit-down for the interns to educate us on industry topics. This is a great time to learn more about what goes on in the industry.
  • Office Events: This is an all-inclusive type of category. We’re talking things like birthday parties, celebrations (ex. Pride month called for plenty of events), and community town halls.

I hope this gives you a better of what an internship experience may hold for you! Until next time.

Note: Each interns’ experience differs based on the company.