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How to get used to the American work style as an international student

As an international student, it can be scary to start your internship in America for the first time. That was certainly the case for me. I grew up in Taiwan for most of my life other than high school. So the so-called “American culture” is still relatively new to me. Even though I had previous part-time jobs in America, however, I did not know what to expect to work for a big American corporation. After spending a whole month at National Grid, I learned more about myself as well as how to interact with my coworkers at the company. Some tips for my fellow international students is to be open-minded to the experience. Every company has its very own culture, but I have observed from my experiences thus far is to be as honest and direct as possible. My experiences have taught me to be a go-getter because your manager and company won’t know what you desire until you express your feelings. In the end, the process of getting used to working in America can take a while. People should understand though that sometimes you just won’t get used to the lifestyle because it is such a big difference that what you are used to. But celebrate the differences and cherish the opportunities because you never know what you will learn until you are further along in your career.