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When Working at a Smaller Company

When working at a smaller company, there are more limited resources; however, much to learn as well. Some pros would be tighter knit community and more projects to work on. When there are small issues that arise the CEOs of the company are easily accessible. Being able to go to my managers and bosses when I have problems are very effective as I can have answers and immediately go back to work. No bullwhip! Some limits would be the budgets specifically because I work in the marketing division. With more limited resources, coming up with ideas that have low to zero costs for the company is very important.

Additionally being in a more creative sector of a company, it is important to be a self starter. Being a self starter means coming up with ideas and taking steps in order to make them happen. When creating social media content for my internship, I believe it’s important to express different post ideas. Furthermore, it means taking action on those ideas. In this way, you collaborate with others, but also know the value of being a leader.