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The World of Tech

Technology, by far, has become one of the most rapidly growing sectors of our lives. In fact, humans depend so much on technology that life without, say, a phone or computer, seems merely impossible. As said by my supervisor at William Raveis, technology is no longer a ‘trend’, but, rather, is the new world, and, with that, is a necessity.

At my own internship, the use of technology for Open Houses, Agent Listings, and other important information has replaced, for instance, old newspaper ads. The company originally having relied heavily on print is now moving away-and doing so quite quickly-and turning to other sources for communication and awareness. For instance, just this past Tuesday I was able to create several media posts for new house listings on the market, as well as posted for ‘Testimonial Tuesday’, which entailed highlighting key client reviews on several real estate agents. The goal behind these postings were to increase exposure and to also expand engagement between the company, agents, and clients.

At William Raveis, new software programs are responsible for the agency’s success in marketing which has proven to be a crucial characteristic that helps it continue to grow at an almost astronomical rate. Likewise, through its social media, William Raveis takes advantage of its ability to communicate with other agents across towns and states in an effort to strengthen its network and overall connectedness.

Staying ahead of the game by investing more time and energy into the latest shifts in the world of tech is something which my internship has taught me to value. It is important not only to build a company that understands new programs and applications, but also to always be forward-thinking. Where will technology lead this company in the future?