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As I grow this Summer, My Goals are…

This summer for me is all about learning and growing as a person. As I intern over the summer at Boston Planning and Development Agency, I have 2 main goals that I hope to accomplish by the end of my internship. My goals are to grow more independent as I live 263 miles or about 5 hours away from home this summer and to grow more knowledgeable about Finance.

Internships teach us not only more about a specific industry, but also teaches us more about ourselves, both professionally and personally. Professionally, my goal is to learn as much as I can about finance in these three months as an intern. I’d like to leave my internship with a firmer understanding of certain financials and the value it brings. Since I’m still navigating the finance world where there are multitudes of career options within finance and I am trying to find what the best fit is for me within finance, I want to also understand how what I am doing at my internship this summer compares to other finance industries. Through this process of learning more about finance, I look forward to all that I will learn as I converse with those I work with.

In the same way, I personally want to grow more independent through this internship. As someone who is used to having the Trim Dining Hall open or being in the comforts of home or sharing a car with my dad for transportation, living in a near-empty campus with no meal plan and having to figure out transportation has definitely pushed me to be more independent. I find myself meal prepping, creating grocery lists, and mapping out transportation plans in advance due to my lack of knowledge of the area and not having the amenities of home or the Dining Hall. The whole process is enlightening as it makes me realize not only how dependent I am, but also how much I value what all my parents do, from taking me places to cooking and being present in my life when I’m back home. I even value Trim which I have taken for granted these past two years at Babson. By slowly becoming used to meal prepping and navigating Boston and Wellesley, my plan is to grow more independent while valuing more all that I have taken for granted because it has always been there.

Although I miss my family this summer, I am grateful for this summer’s internship where I get the chance to not only learn, but to also grow more independent. I hope that by the end of this internship, I would have personally and professionally developed both, in independence and knowledge of finance.