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Time Management: Stay True, Stay You

Time management is being able to allocate your time effectively to spend on specific activities while also taking care of yourself. Done correctly, this would allow you to complete more, lower fatigue, and increase productivity.

At LearnLux, there are always multiple projects that I have to juggle, which I find as a perk. I usually find myself asking for new projects to diversify my experience and to switch between projects when I feel that I’ve been working on a certain project for too long. By switching between projects, my productivity doesn’t lower because I switch gears and begin working on something slightly different. It’s basically a way for me to keep myself refreshed while working. Of course, the frequency in how often I switch between projects depends on the urgency of its requestor. Even then, I make it to switch projects as needed just to stimulate my brain with a new activity.

A key practice that I commonly use as a student and have carried over to LearnLux is keeping my mind and body stimulated in everything that I do. While at work or at school, it is inevitable for you to be working on a project for long hours and to develop mental fatigue. Luckily at LearnLux, we have adjustable sit stand desks which I use frequently to increase physical activity while working.

There are also long work days where the team and I are fully immersed in our work. One of the benefits of working in a co-working space is the ample room for you to walk around when you have been staring at a screen for too long. I make sure to walk around the space a couple times a day or look out the window to stimulate my physical and visual activity. Of course when the weather is great, I also make sure to take advantage of our Boston location during lunch breaks.

As we move forward in our adult life, there are always many things that we have to juggle. That variability is a constant. My best strategies have always been to increase the variability of the work and to take breaks to avoid burnout. Being able to adapt to the variability and the necessary self-care to complete a job is a skill that I will always be developing.