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Challenging Myself in a Whole New Industry- Biotechnology

Stepping into a brand new and challenging industry may be scary to many of us. Ever since I was young, I was never a science or engineering person. I almost failed my AP Chem class in high school and I promised myself to never step into any science-related industry. After coming to Babson, I focused solely on learning practical knowledge that benefits my ideal future career in finance or starting my own company. While I was driven by tests scores and achieving practicality of sustaining myself with money after graduation, I slowly shut my eyes from other opportunities around me.

It was until Junior year that two courses I took have shaken me. I recall that my professors in both Intermediate Accounting Finance and Strategic Problem Solving class required students to write reports focusing on the pharmaceutical industry. They were the most challenging reports I have written at Babson. However, the more I learn about this industry, the most I am fascinated and interested. Investigating in the pharma industry for two semesters seemed like a coincidence, but a part of me believes that fate is leading me towards somewhere.

Many people in the world are suffering from unmet clinical needs, and biotech is the answer to solve these world’s first class problems. I am not a scientist, and I am still afraid of what challenges I will face going down this path. This is why I chose to intern at Fosun Pharma where I can play a role in researching US biotech products and potentially introduce them to China. China’s biotechnology is almost 10 years behind what the US has right now; however, I believe China will soon become one of the largest players. I want to take advantage of this opportunity in the future, and this is why I am so driven and eager to learn in my internship at Fosun Pharma.