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When expectations of your internship do not go accordingly:

As Babson students, we are used to the face-paced student lifestyle that may include classes in the morning, meetings in the afternoon, networking events at night, and working on a new start-up idea late in the night. Some may say the Babson culture consists of many things and one component is driving one another to be the best. As a student population, we share our pearls of wisdom regarding career tips and internship experience in order to help one another achieve their utmost potential. Babson students may come across the time when their internship experience was not what everyone said it would be like. When our expectations do not hold up to reality, it can cause confusion and distress. After completing two weeks of my internship, I realized that what I thought this summer opportunity would be like was not what I had in mind. The large corporation I am interning at was not as fast-paced as my fellow Babson students and I had to adjust to a different company culture where most of my colleagues were from older generations. It was difficult at first, but at one point I decided to talk to myself directly and tell myself that an opportunity like an internship at a major corporation does not occur often. My personal advice to many others struggling as well is, to be honest with what you are facing and also allow some time to pass before making quick judgments. Talk to other interns if they are also facing similar challenges and work as hard as you can to make the experience better for you. Finally, internships are not sprints, they are marathons that last for months, so do not slack off of what is expected of you and also push yourself to be the best.