Undergraduate Blog / Defining Your Babson


Courtesy of Library of Congress

If this is the first time you will be working or doing an internship away from home, you’ll experience what we call adulting.

Adulting is fulfilling duties and actions of an adult, even when you don’t feel like one! This includes waking yourself up, doing dishes and laundry, paying for your bills, and overall being responsible for yourself. I know, I know. . . this probably doesn’t sound too exciting, but believe me when I say adulting can be fun!

I have come up with a list of tips for adulting:

Lose the fear of cooking for yourself

The things I’ve seen people who’ve just started to adult try to cook have definitely scared me at some point. We live in the era of accessibility to information! Go to the grocery store, get some ingredients, and find a YouTube video that will explain and illustrate how to cook a simple dish. Stop microwaving spoons, boiling sausages that are still inside their plastic pack, and over-spending on take-out and delivery!

Schedule your bill payments

To be honest, late payment fees are the worst. Save yourself from such frustration and simply schedule all of your bills, such as credit card payments or rent. It takes two minutes to set up, and if you’re like me, you’ll benefit of the alerts and notifications! This way you can stay on top of your payments and not stress about money.

Take control of your taxes

Taxes are different for everybody, but equally important for all. Even if you have someone assisting you on your taxes, such as an accountant or your parents, put effort in understanding and learning how to do your taxes. Realistically, you’ll have to deal with taxes for the rest of your life! It’s a great learning experience to figure out how to file your taxes and be able to feel more confident on this process throughout the years. 

Practice Self-Care

It’s totally ok if you work a 9-5, get home, exercise, cook, clean, and by the time you’re done it’s 10pm and you are tired. Just because you are adulting and can do anything you want doesn’t mean you should. Take it easy, listen to your body, and give yourself enough rest to perform at work. It’s not being boring, it’s being responsible!

I hope these tips help you navigate your adulting journey in a more prepared way, and I wish you good luck!