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Maximizing the value of your internship

I believe in learning through experiencing but if I had to experience everything I was interested in before finding what is a perfect fit for me, it would take me a lifetime. Thus, I decided to talk to people who had had careers that I had been interested in, in an attempt to learn and experience through their stories, experiences, lessons and shortfalls while in their various roles. I then looked at my character, what I am interested in, what I am academically good in and narrowed down my options to better suit me. This brought me down to business but I quickly realized there is a wide range of aspects in business and I had to pick one to focus on. Eventually I decided on Agricultural and Business Management so when I got this internship, I was extremely thrilled and ready to learn. My only fear was that my team would not give me challenging tasks for the fear that I would make mistakes. Thus, in my first encounter with them, they asked if I had anything to say or ask and I communicated my fear to them and asked them to trust me. They were very pleased with my request but I also knew I could not just ask them to trust me, I also had to earn their trust- so i took initiative. In a meeting with a client, I realized that the financial data we were showing was a lot and was a lot to take in all at once so I created an infographic to make this data simpler to comprehend. After doing so, I showed it to my team and they were more than thrilled. They gave me feedback on how to improve on it and since then those infographics have been what has been showed to clients.